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Your roof is often the single largest area of your home, exceeding the interior square footage. This is why choosing the right product for your home is so important. Not only does it protect your family, but it can help reduce energy bills and increase the value of your home! Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to your home, it doesn’t hurt to be the ENVI of your neighborhood!


Envi offers a wider variety of roofing services to our Calgary & Surrounding Area customers, with a focus on:

  • Asphalt, Rubber, and Metal roofing installations
  • Roof repairs
  • Roof replacement and maintenance
  • Eavestrough and gutter replacements, installation and repairs


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Asphalt RoofAsphalt shingles are the most common type of roof in Canada. While they are a proven product with above average durability, the main reason for their popularity is its affordability.

The simplicity of installing an asphalt roof may also be its downfall, as it is more susceptible to wind damage (lift and tear). Calgary’s unpredictable weather is another factor when considering asphalt, as this product often times does not hold up to the extreme Calgary season.


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Asphalt Roofing Products We Install and Recommend:


Rubber RoofComposed of recycled tires, saw dust, and slate dust, rubber roofing systems are more eco-friendly than many other roofing materials. These roofs can be shaped to look like other roofing products, but look best when imitating slate roofs.

Be careful when choosing a roofer, as this type of roof can be punctured by foot traffic, or even tree branches and leaks can be very difficult to locate.


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Rubber Roofing Products We Install and Recommend:


Metal RoofMetal roofs are quickly becoming the choice of roof for many homeowners due to its curb appeal, durability, and affordability. While it is more expensive than asphalt, the benefits and its value outweigh the cost. There are a variety of metal roofing systems out there, so be sure to know what’s best for you.

  • Standing seams are often used for commercial buildings like warehouses, where noise during precipitation is not a concern.
  • Interlocking metal tiles are the preferred option for residential homes, but not all are made equally some are finished with a shiny Teflon paint and others are Stone-Coated for added protection, curb appeal, and noise dampening.


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Metal Roofing Products We Install and Recommend: